How Working with a Model-Less Dental Lab Improves Your Dental Practice

How Working with a Model-Less Dental Lab Improves Your Dental Practice

Working with a model-less dental lab in Los Angeles is the solution for faster turnaround times, lowered seating time for restorative work, and improved services to dental patients.

A model-less workflow means building crowns without the use of impressions. Usually, impressions require material to be inserted in the patient’s mouth to form an impression. That is outdated and highly uncomfortable for patients. And this is even longer if there were problems with the impression.

A model-less workflow removes the need for impressions and results in improvement in your dental processes.

Benefits of Working with a Model-Less Dental lab

  • Faster turnaround time:

It cuts down on the workflow processes necessary to get a bridge or crown ready for a patient. Working on a new crown from an impression could lengthen the turnaround time by days. But, with the right model-less technology, building a new crown takes significantly less time – even under 24 hours.

  • More efficient communication:

You can improve lab/dentist communications and resolve issues within hours rather than days as may normally be the case when working with impressions. If you’re not happy with the results of a scan, you can easily identify problem areas and retake it. You can properly view the results before sending it to your preferred dental lab and getting the crown made.

  • Improved internal processes:

You can exponentially improve your dental office processes with a model-less system. Plus, you will have more accurate results for your patients when working with a dental lab that offers model-less workflow for crowns and bridges. This leads to fewer remakes and reduced seating times which we are sure every dentist would enjoy.

Working with Prudental Labs, Los Angeles

For a model-less workflow to – well – work, you need to have a first-rate dental lab as a partner. Otherwise, the level of the lab is going to show in the quality of the restoration piece that you receive.

Prudental Labs in Orange County, offers model-less restoration services to dentists equipped with digital intra-oral scanners. Furthermore, to ensure proper fitting, our highly skilled technicians work with latest design softwares, ensuring the proper fitting of the crown.

So, feel free to upgrade your practice to a model-less workflow and partner with Prudental Labs.

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