Working with a Full-Service Dental Lab in Orange County

Working with a Full-Service Dental Lab in Orange County

As a doctor, you know that resolving the needs of your patients in the shortest possible time is key for quality service. That’s why it makes sense to partner with a full-service dental lab, especially if you are based in Orange County.

Dentists and their patients need to trust that a lab can deliver the services they need quickly and affordably. And working with a certified dental laboratory is necessary for fast turnaround and quality products.

Prudental is a full-service dental lab with digital milling capacity based in Orange County, CA. As an independently owned full-service dental lab, we stay on the leading edge of technology to ensure the best solutions for our doctors.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Model-less restorative crowns
  • 3D printing for crown and bridge production
  • Parts for crowns and bridges
  • Zirconia bridges and crowns

Though Prudental is based in California, we, in fact, supply crowns and bridge solutions to dentists throughout the USA and even overseas. The marked quality of our products leads to dentists seeking out our services no matter whether they are based in Orange County or not. Our products are proudly made in the USA and adhere to all approval standards and excellent quality.

With Prudental as your full-service dental lab partner, you can continue to give your patients quality dental care for years to come. We help you enhance your dental services for the benefit of your patients and you. Let us work with you to increase your patient satisfaction by delivering superior products and services.

Ready for the Full-Service Dental Lab Experience in Orange County?

When you’re ready to reap all the advantages of working with a full-service dental lab, then contact Prudental labs. Our friendly and courteous customer service staff are ready to help you deliver the best service for your patients.

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