How Accurate is 3D Dental Printing?

How Accurate is 3D Dental Printing?

Three-dimensional (3D) dental printing plays a vital role in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment. This refers to how close the 3D printed dental product is to the design files used. But, how accurate is 3D dental printing?

Accuracy is important for dentists to be able to perform their roles in giving their patients proper dental care. The replica teeth, crown, or bridge made with 3D printing must be accurately made to ensure that it fits the patient well and prevents complications.

Precision Matters

Precision is crucial for dental 3D printing. That is why the type of 3D printing technology you or your lab uses matters. As shown by a study on the accuracy of 3D printing, the technologies available for use do not give any clinically significant difference in printing. This means that the technology available is accurate enough to use to replicate teeth for orthodontic diagnosis and treatment.

Precision is important for accuracy in dental implants and other treatments. What you should also consider though, is the dental lab you choose to work with in California.

Why Your California Dental Practice can Grow with 3D Printing

3D printing can reduce chair time with your dental patients. With accurate prints, it can reduce the time spent for restorations especially when no adjustments are necessary. When you want to reduce the time spent to seat bridges and crowns and improve the accuracy of your work, you partner with a quality California dental lab that offers accurate 3D printing.

Working with a Los Angeles Dental Lab

At Prudental Labs, we have invested in one of the most accurate 3D printers to help our dental clients. We understand the importance of precision and accuracy to deliver quality orthodontic care.

Prudental focus on precision, integrated workflows, and reliability for our printing services. We serve our dental practitioners with:

  • improved accuracy and quality in restoration parts
  • reduced time it takes to complete each project
  • turnaround time and cost

If you would like more information about our 3D digital printing services, give us a call.

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