A Digital Dental Lab is Better. And Here’s Why

A Digital Dental Lab is Better. And Here’s Why

Prudental Laboratories and Milling Center has been around since 1989. We have seen quite a few changes in technology since we have started. Based on the changes that our own business has gone through, we agree that a digital dental lab is better.

Here is how we help our dentists improve their businesses as a digital dental lab.

We Improve Our Clients’ Processes

Traditional dentistry is less accurate and more time-consuming. It takes longer for molds to be made and then even longer for the crown or bridge to be built and delivered to the dentist. Today, however, you can scan your patient’s mouth, upload the scan to our system, and have the tooth, crown, or bridge built in no time.

Being a digital lab in Los Angeles also helps us to improve our client communication processes. That has allowed us to support dentists throughout the USA. Because our lab facilitates digital impressions, we can offer model-less services and enhanced communication for better dental practices.

Plus, our secure online communication channels ensure the safety of your client’s patient information. Our dentists work with our lab and know that their patient’s data will be kept strictly confidential.

We Can Make Better Products

From Zirconia crowns to BuxZir type implants, our product’s quality has improved significantly since converting to a digital lab. Prudental lab is always working with industry leading tools and equipment to make more accurate restorations for our dentists’ patients.

If you are a Prudental doctor and would like to be able to send digital impressions to our lab, give us a call. We’ll walk you through the smooth and easy to use process. If you are a Prudental doctor and have already joined us as a digital dental practice, let us know how doing so has benefited your business, and what else we could do to improve our services to you.

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