4 Reasons this California Digital Dental Lab Will Improve your Dental Business

4 Reasons this California Digital Dental Lab Will Improve your Dental Business

While we focus on long-term growth at our California dental lab, a part of this process is making sure that we can service our clients. With the digital transformations in dentistry, it has become imperative that as our dentists improve the technologies in their offices, and that our tech improves to meet their needs.

We have assessed the pros and cons of going dental in our Los Angeles dental lab. And we can safely say that transforming to a digital dental lab certainly outweighs the other option of stagnation. Additionally, it has worked out to give our dentists excellent returns for their investments in digital dentistry advancements.

How our Digital Dental Lab Improves Dental Practices

Here are 4 of the many ways that partnering with our dental lab has improved the businesses of our clients.

1. Improved communication and collaboration

No longer do we need to wait for mailed documents and models to get a job started. This is especially important for rush orders where you need that crown or bridge done in less than 48 hours. We can collaborate and communicate all online with a much faster and more efficient workflow.

2. Easy to Submit Digital Cases

We have set up our lab to make it easy for dentists across California as well as other states to submit their patients’ cases digitally. This means we get your patient information faster for a quicker turnaround time.

3. Better Dental Products

Our improvements in our internal technologies means better products for your clients. These products are also more accurately made because of the advances in the digital technology we use.

4. Reduced treatment/seat time

With better dental products come reduced seat time in your chair. You can see more clients and still provide the level of service that you normally would. This improves your bottom-line and your customer satisfaction levels.

5. Not yet digital? We can still help you

Where our dentists have not yet advanced to incorporating tech in their businesses, we can still help them. But, while we try and do deliver superb quality work, they cannot expect the levels of efficiencies and productivity that comes from going digital.

The Prudental Digital Advantage

Our transformation has not been overnight. It has been steady progress, with incremental jumps. As our team improve their skills through attending training and conferences, we know that we are well-equipped to serve our clients. Furthermore, we are proud to help our dentists achieve the levels of scalability, productivity, and efficiency that comes with working with a California dental lab such as here at Prudental.

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