3 Tips on How to Reduce Your Dental Practice Expenses

3 Tips on How to Reduce Your Dental Practice Expenses

One question that all business persons must face is how to reduce costs and overheads. It is no different for a dental practice that must spend a lot on equipment and supplies to offer quality service. But, there are several ways in which you can reduce costs and keep your expenses tight. Here, we will look at just three – plus a bonus tip just for you.

Before you start off looking at ways to reduce your costs, evaluate your operation and take stock of the true overhead costs. Too often, a lot of “minor” things go unaccounted for, and they are real contributors to your expense line. So, make sure that you take stock of all your expense items to have a better understanding of the full value of your overhead costs.

1. Manage your supplies

Dental supplies can be a tricky aspect to tackle. This is especially difficult if you have a variety of suppliers for the same or multiple products. Instead, streamline your suppliers. Limit the number of suppliers you work with and negotiate prices for increased efficiencies and reduced costs. Actively control your inventory to keep your costs as lean as possible.

2. Partner with a Quality Lab

A dental lab is not just a place where you outsource occasional work. A quality dental lab is a true partner in your practice that works with you. If you are faced with a lab that consistently delivers sub-par work, you consistently need remakes, or they can’t offer you fast service, then it may be time to upgrade your lab partner.

Instead, find a dental lab that works with you to ensure that your patients get the best oral health care possible while contributing to your reduced costs with:

  • operational efficiencies
  • affordable rates
  • quality service with fewer remakes

3. Take advantage of free shipping dental labs in California

Shipping can be a costly expense, especially when you factor in all the items you need for your patients. So, to reduce your shipping costs, look for a dental lab that offers reduced or free-shipping.

So, tell us. Which of these three solutions are you implementing? And if you’re looking for a free-shipping dental lab in California to reduce your business expenses, give Prudental Lab a call.

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