Why you should offer your patients Screw-Mentable Implant Restoration

Why you should offer your patients Screw-Mentable Implant Restoration

Patients rely on their dentists for knowledgeable recommendations. They expect dental solutions that can resolve the problems they face. And implant restoration is just one of the many dental services that patients look to their dentists to provide. It is the age of WebMD and other such websites where patients are researching all types of answers for their problems. It is therefore important that dentists can give their patients the most advanced solutions to improve their dental health.

Srewmentable implant restoration is one of those solutions you should be recommending to your patients. As an implant that comes with advanced features and more benefits, this should be a top priority for patients who need implant services. Based on its features and benefits, it is also highly suitable for improving the health of your patients.

What is the Screw-Mentable Implant Restoration technique?

This is a restoration implant that consists of a screw, the crown, and an abutment. It is manufactured differently from screw-retained implants. The dental lab will pre-cement the crown and abutment together which gives you just a one-piece restoration implant to work with.

How does Screwmentable Implant Restoration benefit your dental patients?

Excess cement from cement-retained implant crowns may cause issues such as peri-implantitis. But, the process for making screw-mentable implants limits this problem. You only then need to screw retain via a specific access in the crown-abutment complex and seal this access when complete. This limit the amount of cement getting into your patients body.

Why you should consider a screwmentable implant?

  • Retrievability: 

A screwmentable implant can be easily accessed and retrieved in the future if the screw gets loose or there is another issue such as fracture.

  • Ease of access: 

These implants allow you to more easily clean them and replace the screws.

  • Versatility: 

It can be used for a variety of dental restorations such as layered Zirconia or porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns (PFMs).

Ready to start offering Screw-Mentable Implant Restorations?

To get started you need a milling and dental lab that offers screw-mentable implants. Once you partner with such a lab, you can start offering your patients this advanced restoration service.

If you have any questions or queries about offering screwmentable implants to your patients, contact us at Prudental labs. We would be happy to answer your queries. Or to outline our processes in detail for crafting screw-mentable implants for your patients.

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