Help Your Clients Protect Their Teeth With a Night Guard

Help Your Clients Protect Their Teeth With a Night Guard

Removable dental products have been a crucial part of healthy dentition for decades, and no removables are quite so impactful as night guards for the future health of your client’s teeth. Whether your patients have TMJ, bruxism, or occlusal delicacy, a guard can be an essential part of ensuring your patients are free from discomfort and tooth erosion.

Help Your Clients Protect Their Teeth With a Night Guard

The goal of any dental professional is to ensure that patients retain their natural teeth for as long as possible. Sometimes, in addition to good oral hygiene, using certain removable products can help extend the health of a tooth. For patients who report grinding their teeth during the night or who have alignments that put their front teeth at risk of damage during the night, a guard can be a useful tool.

Of course, there are different types of guards that can be worn at night, and each serves a specific purpose. A soft guard, for example, can protect all teeth to prevent damage, while a hard guard is sometimes the most appropriate option for bruxism. At Prudental, we offer these guard options to   be customized to your clients’ mouths.

Hard Night Guard

A hard night guard is an ideal choice for patients who grind their teeth. The close fit of the customized hard acrylic guard will prevent any pressure from transferring from the top or bottom jaw. This guard is particularly helpful for occlusal bruxism since the material prevents any damage. Depending on your client’s needs, this bite guard can be used on the top or bottom teeth to achieve more ideal results.

For orthodontic patients, a hard guard may be an ideal solution to maintaining the new alignment of the teeth and preventing other tooth damage during the night, particularly if other gear is required post-orthodontic care.

Will This Product Need to be Refit?

Because of the hard shell design of this particular guard, once the guard has been customized to the teeth, it will not need to be refit. The only exception to this rule is if there is a drastic alteration in the alignment of the teeth, such as tooth extractions or injuries to the mouth that require a new guard to be made. In that case, the guard will need to be refit, or possibly the use of the guard will need to be transferred to the opposing arch.

Talon Night Guard

The Talon night guard is our instant-fit solution that allows for total customization and comfort right from the start. While Talon resembles an off-the-shelf guard, the quality of the appliance and the clear design make it a preferable choice for many dentists, particularly because of the comfortable and the longevity of the guard. Talon is appropriate for grinding as well as TMJ and other dental concerns.

Will This Product Need to be Refit?

Usually, this product will not need to be refit. The first instant fit of the soft shell guard should last for a long while and not need to be adjusted. There may be a rare occasion, however, where your client will need to refit the guard due to tooth or alignment changes. However, refitting the guard can be done by the client in the comfort of their own home. This is why Talon may be a better choice for patients who have mild to moderate concerns that can be self-managed for the most part.

Why Custom-Fit Guards Are Better Than Off-the-Shelf

Your clients may already be using a night guard. An off-the-shelf guard is usually a boil-and-fit appliance that can be bulky and even too heavy for the client’s jaw structure or needs, and that’s the primary reason why custom-fit guards are a better choice. Custom-fit guards mean that the guard will be more comfortable for the patient, which will increase the likelihood of using the guard and ultimately prolong the dental health of your client.

Another reason why custom-fit guards are a superior product is the fact that off-the-shelf guards have an uncomfortable habit of falling out mid-slumber, which again can cause stress and discomfort for the client. Using a custom-fit guard will ensure that the removable dental appliance will stay in its intended place until removed as directed and desired.

What the Research Says About Night Guards

Research has a lot to say about bite guards and similar removable products – specifically, the efficacy of these products and how well guards are received for complex dental issues, such as TMJ. In fact, research is still being conducted to differentiate the efficacy of different types of guards, including at-home guards.

For Grinding

Dental professionals have long-known that bite guards are the best long-term solution for nighttime teeth grinding. In fact, guards were first developed for this specific purpose, and although guards have become more sophisticated over time, the fact remains that guards still perform their primary function of preventing damaging grinding and bruxism very well.


The research is a little less clear regarding the efficacy of guards for TMJ. While some research indicates that guards produce a temporary placebo effect, other research indicates that guards can alleviate some pain and discomfort that patients experience. The type of guard being used is typically the issue with different results. Soft guards like Talon may be the best option for TMJ sufferers as well as those who only have mild teeth grinding concerns.

All dental professionals know that bite guards worn during the night are the best solution to chronic concerns such as grinding, bruxism, occlusal damage, and even TMJ pain for some clients. Worn on the upper or bottom teeth, both soft and hard guards can prevent painful and expensive dental erosion and help your clients maintain the health of their teeth for a longer period of time. To learn more about the best guards to help your clients protect their teeth, get in touch with Prudental in Santa Ana, CA today. 

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