7 Qualities You Should Expect From Your Dental Lab

7 Qualities You Should Expect From Your Dental Lab

If you’re in the dental industry, you know the importance of choosing a high quality, efficient dental lab to partner with your practice. Partnering with the right lab can save you time, money, and hassle, but unfortunately, not all labs are created equal. So how do you know if your lab is truly a right fit for you? To help you feel confident in your lab partnership, we’ve compiled a list of qualities to always look to complement your dental practice.

7 Qualities You Should Expect From Your Dental Lab

1. Consistency

The best labs showcase the same level of quality in every sample and test they turn out. Consistency is an essential quality in the industry. You already know that if you offer excellent care for a patient’s first visit, you need to show the same qualities every time he or she steps foot in your office. You should expect this same consistency in your dental practice’s lab.

Ask yourself: Are cases  being rescheduled? Do you know the type of quality to expect every time you open your completed restoration? If a lab is not consistent in quality and turnaround times, communicate that with your lab, or it may be time to look for a new facility. We reccomend asking your labs how they guarantee consistency?

2. Efficiency

Nothing is worse than having a patient coming in and later finding out that your lab delayed the case.  Unfortunately, many labs in the dental industry struggle with efficiency, either because they are understaffed or lack of organization. Make sure your lab is delivering cases on the promised dates!

Efficiency is a vital quality to look for in a dentistry lab. Prudental lab has a five-day turnaround time–twice as fast as most other labs in the industry–because we value you and your patient’s time.  

3. Quality

Perhaps one of the most essential qualities to expect in your dentistry lab is quality. The best labs use high-quality, ADA-approved materials that you can trust to last for years with your patient. If your lab does not produce both esthetic and durable products, you may need to see patients again due to fractures, or disatisfaction with their final restoration. 

Ask your lab about their quality control protocol to ensure high case success. Because the case may travel throughout the lab through various stages, it is vital to check structure, strength, shades, and design throughout the production flow. This minimizes the risks of case failure and will increase quality of work in which you receive.

4. Top-Notch Training

Labs with well-trained technicians provide the best service to their clients. You will be able to trust these labs to deliver excellent samples and materials, give knowledgeable advice about best practices, and teach you the best ways to use their equipment. If your lab’s technicians are not properly trained, you won’t be able to trust anything it produces.

5. Commitment to Education

Your relationship with your lab should extend beyond a question about a case. If you have questions about the industry’s latest technology, ways to improve your practice, and to increase case success, talk to your lab about it. You might be surprised to hear the different perspectives they may be able to offer you.  Remember they work with many dentists, and have seen what works, and what doesn’t.

You should also feel confident that your lab utilizes new practices and equipment and teaches its technicians about changing practices. If you feel that your lab is behind the game, you may want to begin searching for a new one.

6. USA Manufacturing

Some labs order their materials and equipment from overseas countries to save money. In countries like China or the Phillippines, the cost of labor is low, so labs can order materials for a fraction of the cost of what they would pay in the U.S. However, prices that are too low are only possible because of cheap materials and fast, poorly-skilled labor. 
Even worse, most overseas manufacturers do not meet ADA or FDA compliance laws, meaning their materials could be unsafe to use and could even be illegal to distribute in the U.S. Because quality is such a vital component of the dental and medical industries, you should only work with labs that source equipment within the United States. Our lab only works with USA manufacturers, so you can trust our equipment to adhere with ADA regulations.

7.  Experience with Complicated Cases 

Working in the dental industry means you probably face complicated, unique cases regularly. Instead of only being a source for materials and tests, you should expect your lab to be able to advise your practice about the best ways to handle challenging situations and how you can utilize equipment to meet these needs. 

The best labs have experience with complicated cases and will be able to walk you through the best ways to handle these scenarios. You should feel confident that you can contact your lab with difficult questions and that its technicians will help you come up with the best treatment plan. If you do not feel like your lab has adequate experience to assist your practice, you may want to see what else is out there!

Partnering with the right lab is a vital aspect of running a successful, profitable, high-quality dental practice. Prudental Lab is a family-owned and operated lab that you can trust to provide the best workmanship, advice, and quality to your practice. Contact Prudental Lab today to learn how you can partner with our lab. 

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