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Mario Boustani

Title: President

At Prudental Since: 1989

Favorite Prudental Memory: “December of 1989 when Lana & I opened Prudental Laboratories at a small facility on Superior Drive in Newport Beach”

What makes him smile: “How Prudental unites my family. Everyday we work together towards the same goal and that is a huge blessing”



Lana El-Jor

Title: Chief Executive Officer

At Prudental Since: 1989

Favorite Prudental Memory: In order for our first account to take us on as their lab, the Doctor requested we finish a round house case in a matter of 24 hours. Needless to say, we got the job done and earned our first Prudental customer!”

What makes her smile: “Getting checks in the mail”



Daniel Barakat

Title: General Manager

At Prudental Since: 2000

Favorite Prudental Memory: “When I first locked eyes on that beautiful jaeger spindle on Prudental’s first milling machine 10 years ago. The sound of carbide burs milling our 1st Zirconia crown was like music to my ears.”

What makes him smile: “Sour Patch Kids”


Martha Nieto

Title: Operations Manager

At Prudental Since: 1997

Favorite Prudental Memory: “I have many! If I had to choose one, it would be the day we moved from our Newport Beach location to our current facility in Santa Ana.  I knew this was just the beginning of many great things to come.”

What makes her smile: “When UPS delivers a lot of boxes”



Tatiana Boustani

Title: Marketing Director

At Prudental Since: 2010

Favorite Prudental Memory: “When I was a kid and wanted to make extra cash in the summer, I used to beg my parents to give me work at the lab. I received $5 a week for filling sponges inside of Prudental boxes. I spent the majority of it on Flaming Hot Cheetos from the vending machine.”

What makes her smile: “Thai massages”



Tarah Boustani

Title: Sales Director

At Prudental Since: 2012

Favorite Prudental Memory: “Traveling to my first convention in Texas a couple years ago. Seeing doctors face to face & hearing their compliments about our work and team members made me unbelievably proud to be a part of such a great company”

What makes her smile: “Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies”

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